Tausug/ Sulu Achievers:




“ Feathers not just for the tausug cap but for the Filipinos cap as well”, this is how Jainab Abdulmajid, Provincial Tourism Officer of Sulu describe the invitation from Le Baroque Nomade, a French Orchestra, to the Tausug Gabbang players to perform in the French Music Festival on October 5, 2008.


The said Gabbang players are the only foreign performers set to perform in the prestigious music festival which is an annual activity of the French government.


It was sometime in 2005 when Sulu Gabbang players performed in the University of the Philippines Conservatory of Music upon invitation from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) when the French through Musicologist David Irving got acquainted with the players. Irving played with the Gabbang players, he on the flute accompanying the gabbang. Irving contacted NCCA and the latter contacted Jainab Abdulmajid.

Last March 16-18, 2008 in Manila, Le Baroque Nomade headed by its conductor Jean Christopphe Frisch met with the Tausug Gabbang players  and conducted rehearsals and tapings with the said group.


Le Baroque Nomade conductor Frisch rehearsing with gabbang players

“ It was magic for me, it was amazing how the Tausug Gabbang players can play with French tune just by listening to the tune and not through reading the notes, the French musicians were amazed too” relates Jainab Abdulmajid.


The expenses in the Manila rehearsals as well as to the music festival in France in October will be shouldered by the musical orchestra.

Meeting with Musicologist Irving in Manila, March 2008

Governor Abdusakur Tan spent for the passport application of the Gabbang players to Zamboanga City as well as allowances during the Manila rehearsals. The Gabbang players are Tantung Isbarani, Mama Mikdal, Almasud Jalaidi and Tilma Jalaidi. The said performers will travel with Jainab Abdulmajid to France in October.  (Tourism Office)