SULU PROVINCIAL EMPLOYEES SPORTSFEST (December 15, 2018, Provincial Sports Complex)

December 15, 2018, Sulu Provincial Sports Complex- The Sulu Provincial Government Employees held a Sportsfest this morning and competed in various sports events, e.g. track and field events, volleyball and other conventional games. Employees were divided into 4 teams (blue, red, yellow and green) with each colour consisting of different Department offices of the Provincial government except for the RED TEAM of the PROVINCIAL ENGINEER’s OFFICE.

Sponsored by Governor Abdusakur A. Tan II, cash prizes were awarded to winners of sporting events. Major prizes went to lucky winners  of the Raffle, while every non raffle winner received gifts. Apart from the gifts and raffle prizes, each employee was also given a sack of rice.


The event is an annual Celebration of passing af another year and looking forward to the coming of a new one.

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