The Tourism Industry in Sulu is not yet recognized as an industry, perhaps it is just considered as one of the Service-Related subsector in spite of the provinces rich historical and cultural features and potential sites for the development of world class resorts. Largely, this situation could be attributed to the relatively poor peace and order conditions in the province brought by the presence of the Abu Sayyap Group (ASG), a kidnap for ransom group, family feud and other misguided elements. The presence of these groups are the main reasons for the business sector not to venture in the development of the tourist drawing potentials of the area and in the establishment of world class hotel accommodations.

The development of the Tourism Industry in Sulu greatly depends on the Peace and Order situation in the area. If this situation is fully controlled, more investments can be expected not only in tourist oriented facilities but also in other economic activities like manufacturing, trade and commerce, transportation, communication, and storages. However, to make this happen there is also a need to upgrade the existing airport and the ports of Jolo and Siasi, upgrading of provincial roads and the construction of new ones as well as the construction/rehabilitation and upgrading of barangay roads in all municipalities and in increasing the capacities of the power and water utility sector.

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